Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dharma, The Super Soul, The Individual Soul and Different types of Living worlds, Five Different types of bodies.Three types of birth

Dharma means the duty. The duty of purifying soul is dharma. Dharma teaches us the art of living and helps us to get real happiness and attain salvation.Non violence, self control, penance and sacrifice are the virtues of dharma. Forgiveness, contentiment, simplicity and politeness are the four gates of dharma. Right knowledge, right faith and right conduct are the three jewels of dharma. Practicing dharma in every day life is essential just as body needs energy in all its activities. Life is enriched by dharma, keeping merciful view at micro level is the essence of dharma.

Lets go further, there are four types of Living entities, (a) Living entities in hellish worlds, (b) In animal kingdom, (c) On earthly planets in form of humans and (d) The demigods in heavenly planets.
Hellish world is attained due to meat eating, eating eggs, going for abortion, killing living entities who have five senses (ears, eyes, nose, tongue and skin), too much materialistic person, drinking liquor, criminal practices etc. The living entities who are born in the animal kingdom are because of committing fraud, speaking lie to deceive someone, one who intentionally keeps incorrect weights and measurements, misrepresentation of things intentionally etc. Living entities who take birth in form of humans on earthly planets is when they live simple, they are humble, without envy or pride, merciful etc. And the some living entities take birth among gods and goddesses as demigods on heavenly planets because of their certain behavior in their past life like accepting ascetic state, attachment to austerity, performing strict penance for no materialistic benefits, performs sacrifices and is ready to bear pain without any reaction of happiness or unhappiness.

The living creature or the living entities take birth in hellish worlds, animal kingdom, earthly planets, heavenly planets etc in three different ways, the human beings, animals, birds etc take birth in mothers womb, in jain religion this is known as "garbhaj", the creatures who are born on its own due to external factors (without any union of male and female), in the environment, by left out eatables,or stool or urine or dirt of bodies are known as "samurchhim", these type of creatures have bodies from one sense to four senses. The demigods, gods, goddesses take birth on a bed of flowers in heavenly planets, Living beings in the hellish worlds are born directly in a pot, the birth of demigods, gods, goddesses and the type of birth in hellish worlds in a pot is called as "Oopapat" as per Jain philosophy, so basically there are three types of births : Garbajh, Sammurchhim and Oopapat.

The individual soul whirls through these four different types of worlds ie.hellish, animal, earthly and heavenly, struggling hard but the final destination is to get out of this cycle and attain "moksha", to live eternally with the super soul but as the individual embodied soul is en-caged in a body made of flesh and bones, it goes through material pleasures and pains in different walks of life influenced by the three modes of material nature ie.mode of goodness, ignorance and passion because these three are the core of material worlds and at the time of birth the living beings are conditioned by these three modes and perform their actions under there influence. But the individual living entity who knows about this philosophy regarding the material world and its three modes and its actions and interactions try's to transcend the three modes and still perform actions without any dualities or anxieties, with no  thought of gain or loss, victory or defeat, performs actions only as a matter of duty.

The device or means through which a living entity performs actions is called a "body". According to Sanskrit scriptures - that which starts destroying itself since its inception (birth), depreciating every moment, ever changing and drifting towards the end (death) is called a "body". There are five different types of bodies: (a) Body made up of blood, bones, flesh etc and which wears out and gets destroyed. (b) 2nd types are the ones with a characteristic of self-discharge who has a capability of making numerous bodies, who can make different appearances from its one body, Hellish beings and Demigods, gods, goddesses have such bodies, (c) As per jain theory this third type of body are obtained by only certain sadhus when they are able to reach Tirthankar. (d) The fourth type of body is the one which gives spiritual brighness to the humanly bodies and Demigods, gods and goddesses. (e) The fifth type of body is made up of all auspicious and inauspicious karmic actions performed by all worldly living entities and it is attached to all.