Thursday, May 1, 2014

Being In A State of Happiness 24x7... (Updated)..

24x7 happiness, sounds impractical but to be true, its really possible. Happiness or distress is only a state of mind, the hands or legs or even other body parts never react or say whether they are happy or sad. This message comes only from your mind. Because the mind which is so subtle and unstable, wavering and extremely quick to be brought under control, it is difficult to conquer it.But mind once conquered becomes your best buddy. For instance, suppose your surroundings and circumstances as per gods law and will and truth reflects that you are in a position completely happy but contrary to this your mind says that you should be unhappy and distressed. Automatically your entire body will react being distressed just because your mind which is like a controlling device of your body released signals or orders to be unhappy. 

This happens when the individual "self" allows the mind to go free in any direction even into those lanes where mind has no permission to enter. Even if your situation seems to be that of being happy and full of comforts but only because your mind misguided that you are not in a comfortable position hence you should show symptoms of distress. Now how to keep a check on this? . Not so difficult. The first step being - "Every endeavor, results, whatever happens with us in different walks of life is already predetermined as per gods wil" .And this reality has to be firmly and strongly adopted.  Everything moving and non moving and its outcomes are bound to happen but we out of greed have divided the results or fruits given to us by god in two groups - a) Happy and b) Sorrow. God never created or divided his endeavors and results into anything known as "Happiness and Sorrow". These words are created by greedy and lusty humans. 

Now how these two groups came into existence. As the individual soul took birth in this material manifestation on this material planet, the soul got conditioned by materialism which is a product of the three modes of this material nature.Three modes - Happiness, passion and Ignorance. Hence we living entities believe in dualities arised from these three modes and under influence of mode of passion we believe that acts performed by us are to be performed in mode of passion. It is the duty of mode of passion to finally give illusionary distress  Similarly under influence of mode of ignorance or mode of happiness we believe we need to perform our tasks under these modes. And again to say its the duty of these two modes also to release illusionary pain or happiness.

One can never be happy all the time (24x7) if he keeps shifting his actions between good, passionate and evil actions. Obviously doing anything in influence of these materialistic terms, you can either be happy or sad during different times and in different walks of life but you can never be "happy" all the time. Observe properly if you can, that when you performed good deeds and other times when you did something out of passion and deep desire or at some other times when you hurt someone out of anger, greed for your own benefit, sometimes you experienced happiness and other times anxiety or distress. So the idea is don't stick to these material feelings - being good or passionate or angry or greed etc for performance of your actions. Only do it because it ought to be done as a duty. You will realize you are already in the mode of happiness, not material happiness but blissful happiness
Transcending these three modes destroys the two illusionary groups made by us - Happiness and Sorrow in which we are entangled since time immemorial. Not easy to do but not impossible.

a) Perform your acts as a duty and because anyway the result of your performed actions is only in the hands of God, do not get anxious and stressed and thus don't relate yourself with the end result of your actions. Just how we take a dip in the river and thus experience the cool water on our body and take pleasure out of it, similarly do not take such a dip in the results of your actions because then you will have to experience pleasure or pain.

b) Be fully aware and in knowledge about the three modes of material nature and there results and reactions.

c) Being fixed in this knowledge as you perform your deeds, you will become fully aware that till now you were under an illusion that you were responsible for your deeds and hence took the credit of loss or gain, but these acts are being performed bu the three modes of nature and the "self" does nothing at all.

d) With this knowledge and with practice of applying this in your day to day life, you shall start performing such acts which will be neither in the mode of goodness nor in the modes of passion and ignorance. And such acts have no reactions which are beyond these three modes because reactions good or evil are only and purely associated with the three modes which are products of this material nature. Hence you must have heard often that we say "This life or this material life is full of good and evil results only and nothing else".

e) The acts which are beyond the three modes of nature has no karmic results and hence such performed endeavors will result in something more superior to even known as "Good results". Such acts result in something known as "Gods will". Definitely "Gods will" is far superior to "Good results". Because Good results are of temperorary nature giving you good but for a short life span where as results as per Gods will have a permanent effect, and Gods actually final will is to bring us out of this entanglement of temporary Good and evil results. The way out is to perform our deeds which are not dependable to be known as Good or evil but blissful..

f) Be connected with God for whch there are various paths provided by him like - meditation, visiting a place of shrine, temples, places of religious importance, listening to good music, prayers, charity, helping the needy etc.

g) Practice being optimistic.

h) The knowledge of God and the three modes of nature and the knowledge of dualities, anxieties, once all this is firmly adopted your body will slow down its reactions as something good or evil and will be in the same condition towards both good and evil,because now with practice of all above you are neither in a state of goodness/happiness nor in a state of distresses but you are in a state of blissfulness.

i) Physical fitness - Excercising.

J) Brain will get used to, living away from his friend " Stress".

k) If you can sincerely drop all material endeavors which you intend to perform in anxiety, passion, greed, anger, dualities and lust, then you are already on the platform known as "Happiness"
Blissful is neither good nor evil. It is a state of 24x7 enjoyment, this enjoyment to which we term as Happiness but whose real term is not happiness but a state of bliss.