Saturday, May 28, 2016


LIFE - Man since hundreds and thousands of years has been performing actions obstinately to satisfy the body senses for sense gratification. Of course giving pleasure to the body senses does gives happiness but this happiness is temporary and as it ends distress soon follows, of what use these sense pleasures are when they only lead to a disturbed mind full of cravings and finally result in distress, disease and death.. But then can life be imagined without giving a meaning to it, a purpose to it, to entertain, to progress, to achieve goals etc ?, otherwise life will become primitive, dull and meaningless. But inspite of the fact that we got to have various purposes and reasons to live, we cannot deny this fact that cravings and sense pleasures of the body definitely leads to anxiety and anxiety results to a restless mind which is always in search for material gains and this finally makes us lose our peace of mind, and if mind is not at peace how can one be happy?.  Mind creates various desires and to fulfil these desires man performs various actions. The primary goal of the living entity throughout his life it seems is to contemplate various measures for body satisfaction, it seems action- physical, verbal or mental is the core purpose of human life and he faces good or evil as a result of the action. So Action and life are one and the same.

ACTION - So let's get to the core of the "action" itself which is the main ingredient of what is known as life or to say that life without action is not possible , what is action  - According to Vashishtha -The Soul has the power to think. Thinking, thought or mind all these are one and the same. Infact even there is no division between mind and action , before it is projected as action it arises in the mind, action is nothing but movement of energy in consciousness. When such action comes to an end, mind comes to an end too.

Our ancient texts describe what action is all about -different parts of the body that are constantly creating new desires and then finding ways to fulfil these desires are – Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue and Skin, other than these 5 senses there are another 5 working senses – Voice, Legs, Hands, Anus and Genitals. And one more most important sense is the Mind itself which is also known as the sense within. So in total there are 11 senses. The complex network of these senses and the objects associated with them like smell, taste, form, touch and sound along with the element of false ego, intelligence and the three modes of material nature and lastly the 5 core elements which are considered the seed giving father to the universe – Earth, water, fire, air and ether and their representations – desire, hatred, happiness and distress, all these together are causes of actions and reactions, various sufferings and enjoyments..           

Under the influence of various thoughts that arise in your mind, (actually mind, thought and action are one and same thing), man starts contemplating in different ways for accomplishment of that thought, that thought may be of pure or impure nature, the consciousness within will always guide you to select the pure ones but the lust sitting inside the mind may drag you towards the impure ones, now it's up to the living entity to decide which one he chooses. Even as he performs this action he should still realise that this entire universe is nothing but mind itself, it's only and only mind which creates various desires and various endeavours , in reality nothing exists . Out of lust it may perform an act in the mode of passion and than the mind itself creates the modes of suffering due to that action performed. If mind ceases to act in such a way, the world comes to an end. The other term for world is suffering, so we can say if mind ceases to act in such a way, suffering comes to an end.