Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Importance of Devotion or Bhakti

According to the Gita

The Bhagwad Gita the greatest and the holiest of hindu scriptures, emphasizes the importance of bhakti or loving devotion to God,"Bhakti" says the Gita is the only way to realize God

Arjuna's Question to Lord Krishna

"My Soul is oppressed by a sense of frustration, my mind is unable to determine what is right, I am requesting you definetly to tell me what is good for me, I am your pupil. Teach me I have surrendered myself to you"

Krishna's Answer

"Let your mind be constantly directed towards me, be devoted to me, dedicate all your actions to me, prostrate yourself before me, over and above the claims of all dharmas (duties) is complete surrender to me and me alone"

"It is not possible to see me as you have done through the study of Vedas, or by austerities, or gifts or by sacrifice, it is only by one pointed devotion (bhakti) to me and me alone that you thus see and know me as I am in reality and ultimately reach me. It is he alone who dedicates all his notions and actions to me with a knowledge of my superiority, my devotee with no attachment and who has no enmity to any living being, that can reach me". Bhakti therefore is the only way to the true knowledge of God and the surest way to reach him.

Bhakti : unwavering devotion and love for God

Bhakti, according to Gita is love for God and love reinforced by true knowledge of the glory of God, It surpasses the love for all things worldly, the love is constant and is centered in God and God alone and cannot be shaken under any circumstances wether in prosperity or in adversity