Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Three Modes of Material Nature of a living entity

The Material nature of a human being consists of three modes

Mode of Goodness

Mode of Passion

Mode of Ignorance

When a living entity comes in contact with nature, he gets conditioned by these three modes. From Mode of Goodness, real knowledge develops. From Mode of Passion grief develops and from Mode of Ignorance, foolishness, madness and illusion develops

In Mode of Goodness one develops knowledge but they become conditioned by the concept of happiness, one becomes wiser than those otherwise conditioned, a person in the mode of goodness is not so much affected by material miseries and has a sense of advancement in material knowledge.

In Mode of Passion one develops hankering for material enjoyment, he wants to enjoy some sense gratification, he wants to have a family, children, wife, house, property, these are few example products of the mode of passion and to achieve all this he has to work hard and there he becomes associated with the fruits of his activities and thus is bound by such activities. Modern civilisation is considered to be advanced in the standards of modes of passion. When there is no liberation for those in the mode of goodness, what of those who are entangled in the mode of passion?

In Mode of Ignorance, a living entity practices madness, indolence and sleep and all this binds the conditioned soul, mode of ignorance is just the opposite of mode of goodness, every one under the spell of mode of ignorance becomes mad, such people are very reluctant to make advancement in spiritual knowledge and do not want to understand what is what, such people are lazy, they are not even active like the person in mode of passion, normally a person in mode of ignorance sleeps more than is required, such a person you will notice is always dejected and is addicted to intoxicants and sleeping, these are few symptoms of a man in mode of ignorance.

Sometimes the mode of passion becomes prominent, defeating the mode of goodness and sometimes the mode of goodness defeats passion and at other times the mode of ignorance defeats goodness and passion. In this way there is always a competition for supremacy - Lord Krishna