Monday, June 23, 2008

Imperishable Science of God

I was just going through Chapter Three "Karma Yoga" in Bhagavad Gita, theres something really interesting over there Krishna says "Without being attached to the FRUITS of activities, one should act without attachment to the fruits/results"

Isnt it a fact that withing ourselves we are always under the bondage of work, almost most of the time work is like a headache, a burden, a responsblity which one feels that "He/she HAS to carry out the prescribed duty / work wether you like it or not"

Atleast for me theres a science hidden in what Lord Krishna said above, theres a clear indication of how to be free from this feeling of burden, bondage of work, work has to be done but there has to be freedom from the bondage of work, it can really work out in the following way if practiced:

Without being attached to the fruits of activities, act as a matter of duty

Don't think before hand about the results/ fruits of your actions when at work

Its in human nature to remain attached to the thoughts of fruitive results of the work being carried out, thus work becomes burden

When one thinks himself to be the doer of activities, which actually are carried out by nature, he is attached again to the fruits of his activities and thus work again becomes burden

Give up the fruitive results of your work atleast at the time of work, till the work is finished, it releases the pressure on you, this can actually work


There is so much information in the imperishable science of God the Bhagavad Gita