Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Understanding Self

Our body (the field of activity) is constituted of - 5 elements - False ego,intelligence, the unmanifested, the ten senses namely eyes,ears,nose,tongue,skin,legs,hands,anus,genitals,voice, and the mind , the 5 sense objects namely smell , taste, form, touch and sound, desire,hatred,happiness,distress,the agregate, life symptoms - consciousness and conviction

All these are considered in summary to be the field of activities and its interactions

The knower (soul)of this field of activity (the body) is different, The living entity (soul) thus follows his way of life in this field of activity coming in contact with the material nature (which is again something totally different then the soul and the field of activity), there are 3 modes of material nature - mode of goodness, mode of passion and mode of ignorance, and thus the living entity in this body coming in contact with the different modes of nature lives his way of life,going through happiness and distresses along the way and thus the living entity also meets with good and evil on its way of life.

Amazing It is,It really looks more scientific to me going through the above contents.

SOMETHING SO INTERESTED TO NOTE HERE - "whatever we see in existence both moving and non moving, all this is only a combination of the field of actitivity (body) and the knower (soul) of the field"

Hence its only the the 3 modes of material nature which acts, interacts and the self (soul) does nothing at all, The embodied spirit (soul) doesnot create any activities, nor does the spirit inducts people to act, nor does the spirit create the fruits of ones actions, all this is enacted by the 3 modes of material nature

The self (soul) bewildered by the influence of false ego thinks himself the doer of activities carried out by actually the 3 modes of material nature and not by the self.

Hence TRANSCEND the 3 modes of nature and experience bliss, If you stick to one of your 3 modes even though it may the mode of goodness, still you will remain conditioned for your desire to be always happy and anyway I believe happiness is JUST another side of distress, both go together all along the journey