Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The 11 forms of love that can avoid break-ups


When I went through the contents under title "Divine Love", I really thought that if anybody TRULY implements these 11 forms of love or 11 ways of practicing love in one's relationship, breakups wont happen. I am not talking about divine love over here, that can only mean love for supreme personality of godhead - lord krishna, I am only trying to express that these 11 forms of expression of love could be really helpful in saving lot of relationships from a disastrous end.

So true, that excitement of being together, that desperation of meeting your beloved, and all those plus points that you see in your love,all those lovy-dovy talks, all this dissapear with the passage of time in most relationships thats because we try to make love COMPLETE, if something like love remains incomplete there's always scope to achieve more and more of it, otherwise we end with foolish excuses of ditching your partner in some or the other way or other unreasonable excuses of why a husband and a wife couldnt get along or why the children and the parents relationship couldnt click etc etc, atleast this is the way I thought so after I read about these 11 love forms and felt that it can really save many relationships from a miserable end.

These 11 forms of expressing your love can be rejoiced eternally only if you are in TRUE love:

The 1st one is - APPRECIATING THE QUALITIES , (guna mahatmyasakti). When we are in love we appreciate different qualities of the person whom we love, we rejoice these qualities of that person when in living in love.

The 2nd one is - APPRECIATING THE FORM, (rupasakti). We fall in love (or should I say rise in love) with the person whom we find beautiful and attractive, thats the immediate reaction that happens as we get in love, we love the form of that person, his/her looks, personality etc and if love persists through out the relationship, one NEVER gets tired of appreciating the form of the person whom you love

The 3rd one is - WORSHIPPING WHOM YOU LOVE, (pujasakti). One who has done this will know the taste of it, your mind says in love ‘‘I want nothing. I just want you and to be with you", If you love someone, something, and whenever there is love you’ll see that you start worshipping that which you love. May be this kind of expression of love does not exist in these time or even if does, to a limited level. Hardly few could think that its like worshipping your beloved whenever there is love, true love but this expression of love is equally important.

The 4th one is REMEMBERING, (smaranasakti).Which means remembering. That something which stays constantly on your mind. Have you noticed that when you love something, and have a desire, that desire lingers on in your mind?, it has to and should linger on in your mind eternally, all the time if its true love, how wonderful if this quality or expression persists all the time , love wont die, it will exist all the time

The 5th is SERVICE , (dasyasakti). Its a natural feeling that one feels like being available for service to your loved ones but it has to remain alive, its a feeling like "my life is here not to get something from you but to give you what you want"

The 6th form of expressing love is showing a feeling of COMPANIONSHIP, (sakhyasakti). Its is feeling wherein you are able to share fearlessly with the person whom you love anything and everything under the sun

The 7th form is AFFECTION, BEING AFFECTIONATE , (vatsalyasakti), like taking care of the one whom you love like a child, feeling that closeness
The 8th form is BELOVED feeling, (kantasakti). " he or she cares for me so much that he / she cannot exist with me"

The 9th form is OFFERING ONE'S VERY SELF, (atmanivedanasakti), "do whatever you want with my life, its any all yours" that feeling.

The 10th form "SEEING EVERYTHING AS YOU", (Tanmayatasakt)

The 11th form of expressing love is EXTREME AGONY AND PAIN OF LONGING, OF SEPERATION, (Paramavirahasakti). Love can never be and should never ever be complete because there should be longing. It’s the longing that makes love incomplete and infinite, Usually, when people love something and there is a longing for it, they try to get rid of it because it’s painful. The more you try to run away from it, you are destroying not only the longing but also the love. So dont run away from this agony of longing, it only nourishes love the more it is.

Love is incomplete. And it will have to remain incomplete. If something is complete, it means that you have marked the boundaries; found its limitations. For love to be infinite, it has to be incomplete. Love is infinite and it finds _expression in infinite ways.