Saturday, January 9, 2010

From Vedic point of view...

Sometimes it really becomes difficult to analyze wether a "decision taken" is out of our own capabilities or something that was destined to happen..

We cant say that everthing is the out-come of our own capacities, if it was so, then why a person working very hard earns much less than those priviledged ones who work less and earn more.
The vedic science and astrology says that a human is under the control of 3 different types of planets that rule our day to day activities and results. One of these types are the planets that in any circumstance give only positive result ( the variation though may differ from person to person) and also there are those types of planets that in any circumstance give only negative results (again the variation may differ from person to person) and finally there are those types of planets which on there own donot give what we want but they also donot obstruct (it means how much we work, that much we get)

Now this sounds amazing, but how to know that in which circumstances which kind of planets were having more influence, this is something I believe is just not possible to find out.

Now if I co-relate this with what Bhagwad Gita says is that "When one performs his prescribed duty according to his position (his position out of the four, ie.wether he is a Brahman (learned, teacher, guru), or a Kshatriya (protector), or a vaisya (trader, merchant, businesman) or a sudra (the labours), abandoning all attachment to the results of actions of failure or success and never considers himself to be the cause of results of actions and also never attached to not doing the prescribed duty, thus one never incurs sin-This is called Yoga.

Strive for yoga, the art of all work, surrender unto Lord Krishna and in Krishna consciousness perform your work, thus at the time of work do not concentrate on the result of the work performed, the result wether you will succeed or lose. Thus we can also be free from the the bondage of work. Sounds fascinating......

So finally though one may not know that out of the 3 types of planets which one is effecting more at the time of a particular action performed but atleast in above way we can atleast free ourselves from incurring sin..

The Soul is called Brahmaan and his nature is called "Adhyatma" (self), actions done are called "Karma", physical nature ie. the changes in the body is called "Adhibhuta", universal form of Lord Krishna is called "Adhidaiva" and Lord Krishna as supersoul is called "Adhiyajna" (lord of sacrifice..

Indian culture and the vedic science was much much ahead from the rest of the world but we did not value its importance...