Sunday, January 31, 2010

Seven Dhaatus (Metals)

According to Ayurveda, there are seven dhaatus (metals)-gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, lead and zinc-which are essential elements of the body. Perfect health is attributed to the state of equilibrium of these dhaatus in body tissues. Any imbalance excess or deficiency-disturbs the functioning of the body.

Gold is present in trace amounts in blood, semen, eyes, upper layer of skin and intestines. Imbalance affects vision, causes general weakness in the body, dullness of intellect, loss of imaginative power, voice and general complexion of an individual.

Silver is present in the bone marrow, upper layer of bones, gall bladder, pancreas, inner layers of the skin, lungs, muscles, blood vessels, meninges (the membranes investing the spinal cord and brain), and septum of nose. Imbalance leads to neurological disturbances, problems related to teeth, cataract sores and absorption from gut.

Copper is present in the upper and inner layers of skin, mucosa of soft tissue, large glands, pupil of the eye, hair, pleura and pericardium. Imbalance causes defects in cardiovascular, central nervous and skeletal systems. Deficiency affects production of red blood cells and hair keratinisation. Imbalance causes chronic inflammatory disorders in soft tissues.

Iron is the major constituent of blood, present in the villi of the intestine, pupit hair and in small quantity in all tissues of the body. Imbalance causes arteriosclerosis, anaemia and general debility.Lead is present in blood and lymphatic tissues. Imbalance causes anaemia, disturbance in gastrointestinal tract due to poor secretion of digestive juices, haemolytic anaemia and ascites.

Tin is present in every tissue. However, it is found more in abdominal muscles, blood and blood vessels, synovial membranes lining the capsule of joints, outer layer of uterus. Imbalance causes malformation in bones, diseases of reproductive tract, affects formation of urine, polyurea and increased perspiration.

Zinc is present in blood, brain, nerve tissue and muscles. Imbalance causes problems related to nervous system like depression, anxiety, dullness of intellect, extreme forgetfulness and irritable temperament.