Friday, April 13, 2012

Greedy Humans!!!

I read somewhere that God gave equal life span to Humans, donkeys, dogs and Owl, It was to live 40 years to each, but then donkey whose life was meant to be a labour and carry goods on his back requested God to cut down his life by 50% to 20 years and on his request God agreed and that time greedy human asked god to transfer those 20 years in his span of life and increase it to 60 and to which God agreed and said to human "take this donkeys balance 20 years as you desire", then dog came forward and requested God that all his life he has to sit at the doorstep or in one corner of the house which is very painful and requested to God to cut his dog life to 50% ie.20 years and immediately the greedy human asked God to give him this balance 20 years of the dogs life and increase his life from 60 to 80 and to which God agreed and told the human "Take this dog life of 20 years as you desire", then Owl came forward and prayed to God that for his entire life of 40 years he cant sleep which is extremely painful and a punishment and hence requested to cut down his life span to 20 years and again the greedy human jumped forward and requested God to add this Owls life of 20 years in his 80 years life span and make it 100 years and as usual God agreed to this request also and said " Take this Owl life of 20 years as you desire".

Thus the human life span which was without any pain and struggle for 40 years was added by 1st 20 years of donkey and hence from 40 to 60 all are struggling very hard, working very hard for survival and further 20 years of dog from 60 to 80 hence between 60 to 80 due to ill health and other health problems and old age, low energy one remains at home most of the time just waiting for his end to come soon and further 20 years of Owls life added and hence from 80 onwards one can hardly sleep, remains awake most of the time, no proper sleep, uneasy sleep, even if one is able to sleep its for a very short period.