Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Enjoy nectar in this life

This human body which is like any other machine is being utilised by the spirit to perform various actions contemplating with objects of material senses. But a question arises whether the embodied spirit wants to contemplate with its objects of this material world or is it forced into this situation and thus forced to act accordingly. The Gita says that the spirit within performs no action but due to contact with the three modes of material nature thinks himself to be the doer which actually are performed by the three modes of nature and the spirit (self) does nothing at all.its mentioned in Gita that when embodied being is able to transcend these three modes associated with this material body he can free himself from birth, death, old age and their distresses and enjoy nectar even in this life. This looks amazing. A person it means who thus remains neutral and away from all kinds of dualities and is always situated in self, who has mentally renounced all material who doesnt hate illusion, attachment and delusion when they are present or long for them when they disappear. Who looks upon a lump of earth, a stone or a piece of gold with an equal eye. Such a person is said to have reached the final destination and has transcended the material modes and dualities.