Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Few words......

My this temporary body is the cause of my all temperory distresses and happiness. As I wish to get rid of these two, I intend to transcend both of them. I know I am unable to do so but still somehow I know I have almost reached.

There is something supreme and I and he we both are one but because I preferred to be conditioned by the material manifestation, he appointed certain demigods to implement the laws of material nature on me.

"Nothing promised" does not hide anything but "promised" may easily become a deception.

In association with my friend the material nature who engages me with anger, greed and lust, I meet with good and evil on my way home. Its better I become conscious of the "unborn".

Distress and Happiness are two sides of the same coin. I have this coin with me and I cannot have only one side of it. Its better I drop the coin itself.

Celebration may end in sometime, then again some distress will arise. I cannot have only one of them. It better I drop both and prefer to be "Easily contended"

If things are to happen as per destiny, where is their any scope to entertain suffering?