Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Art of real living...

From attachment to senses lust develops and from lust anger arises, from anger comes delusion and from delusion bewilderment of memory. When memory is bewildered intelligence is lost and thus one falls down into the material pool.

In true spiritual position neither happiness nor distress agitates one.

Love can remain eternal with the feeling of how precious the supreme and the living entity is and how wonderful their company is or could be.

Wealth is important to fullfil the actual basic requirements of life, clothing and shelter, other then than these three things all other things are not requirements but desires and desires have no end.

During catastrophe deluge, untruth was not there, truth too was not there, neither earth nor sky was there, neither night nor day was there, there was neither mortality nor immortality. The matter was non-existent form. The Lords of the creation who live in divyadhaam (divine regions) may know about all this creation, its possible that they too may not know all this at all.

The never ending cycle of birth, youth, old age and death cannot be the ultimate reality. There has to be something more meaningful beyond it.

I am happy most of the time but sometimes I am distressed too, as I try to stay away from distress, happiness tells me that she also wants to stay away from me.

As I desire to put my thoughts in words, I am unable to find the right words. As and when I feel I am without nature, neither there is a desire to drop things nor there is a desire to hold on to them. Something deep within is always silent, the nature of which I do not know. It only prompts me one thing to remember the "Almighty".

Actions will be performed, results will take place but the one who from within knows the art of being unattached to these actions and its results actually has overcome sufferings.

I have forgotten the feeling of distress, is this the other face of being selfish?. Something withing prompts me that there is one more face to this in eyes of others "being stone hearted"