Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mind games..

The mind is the cause of all causes, the mind is the seed giving father to the illusion, the mind is giver of distress and happiness, the mind is the source of the creative thought, the mind makes one suffer and enjoy, the mind if under control is your best friend otherwise your worst enemy. There is no division between mind and action, before it is projected as action it arises in the mind with mind itself as its body. Action is nothing but the movement of energy in consciouness. When such action comes to an end, mind cones to an end too.

It may be like this - Infinite consciousness does not exist materially. Material is something, non material or Infinite consciousness is without any thing. This material universe is said to exist in Infinite consciousness which is not true because how can something exist in "nothing". Consciousness alone exist. "I", "Mine", etc does not because its only another form of Ignorance which being unreal vanishes (dies) in a period of time. The idea of existence of this ignorance causes endless suffering because it pollutes the consciousness. In this material game of life, one follows the material rules, if you intend to get out of this material game and be liberated or enlightened, then you need to disregard and break these rules with firm conviction with knowledge of "self" that only "infinite brahma" exists and "I", "mine", "his", etc doesnot.

Pure movement in consciousness is karma or action without an independent doer, when it pursues the fruition of such action it is known as karma, when it entertains the notion "I have seen this" it is known as memory, when the effect of past enjoyment continue to remain, it is known as latent tendency, When it is consciousness of the truth that the vision of division is the product of ignorance, it is known as knowledge. When it moves towards greater self forgetfulness and deeper involvement in false tendencies, it is known as impurity. When it creates confusion between reality and appearance, it is known as Maya. When it thinks "I am bound", there is bondage. When it thinks "I am free, there is freedom.

The creative though process (mind) of the infinite consciousness gives birth to the illusionary world(universe), just how during sleep we create dreams. Life is just a long dream, was it not a dream but a reality it would nt vanish with death and form a new dream. But the ignorant living being unable to understand this truth intend to carry on with this dream one after another through birth, youth, oldage and death.