Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Prompted by Wisdom..

  • One equipped with wisdom and successful control over the senses is able to realize the utter non existence of all objects of perception. Because anyway, mind alone is all this, as all the universe is an illusion and when the mind is healed this jugglery of world appearance is also healed. This is the only way out to cross the ocean of world appearance.
  • For One in Ego, his mind is bewildered and he experiences anxiety in due course of time but the one with absence of ego, he is already enjoying "within" with no thought of victory of defeat, gain or loss, for such a man welcomes all positive that comes to him and accepts all negative that he faces as a Will of God.
  • Just how a mirror reflects an object held close to it, similarly ones behaviour reflects the sense of "ego" in ones consciousness. When this ego arises it gives birth to desire which further leads to attachment with objects and thus one loses its freedom, when there is no egoism, there is no confusion and the mind functions naturally.
  • When one is able to live in a state of evenness of mind, he is already on the path of enjoying "within", for such a person heat and cold, pleasure and pain, victory and defeat, gain and loss, all are same.
  • One who is ignorant, this body is the source of suffering but to the one who is enlightened, this body is the source of infinite delight and when its lifespan comes to an end, he doesnt regard it as a loss. Only the mind that is well disciplined knows what to abide by and what not to, experiences real happiness.
  • Infinite consciousness does not exist materially. Material is something,non material or infinite is "without any thing". This material universe is said to exist in Infinite consciousness which cannot be true because how can something exist in "nothing".
  • "Consciousness" alone exists. "I", "Mine", etc does not, because its only another form of ignorance which being unreal vanishes (dies) in a period of time. The idea of existence of this ignorance causes endless suffering because it "pollutes" the consciousness. 
  • In the material game of life, one follows the material rules. If you intend to get out of this material game and be liberated or enlightened, you need to disregard and break these rules with firm conviction with knowledge of "self" that only "Infinite Brahma" exists and "I", "Mine", "his" etc does not.