Friday, August 14, 2015

Astrology and the Laws of Karma..

According to Vedic Astrology everything is predetermined as per the Laws of Karma. As you sow, so shall you reap, karmic actions basically are of three types - prarabhada, sanchita and agami.

Prarabhada karma are carry forwarded from past lives and are fixed and normally cannot be erased and one has to face its results good or bad. The 2nd one is Sanchita karma - its basically what we are in this life - our nature, looks, our thought proces as a result of our past life karmas. These can be modified with sincere prayers, sacrifices, meditation, mantra etc. The last one is Agami karma - the present life karmas which are completely in our hands and decision is ours what and how to do & accordingly they will give its results in future lives. Every action has a reaction, good or bad. A further deep thought on this will make you realize that this cyclic system of karma and it's results is like a never ending story unless we want to put an end to it and be liberated. Liberation, does it mean non performance of any action to avoid any reaction so that it results into liberation?. No, the physical body has to act to be maintained. Non action is not freedom from action. Non action simply is again "An act of not desiring to physical act" but still its an action performed. So what about liberation then?, It seems to be the realization of existence of the universe as an illusion and not real. Once this is realized the universal objects have no value hence no desire to gain them or no desire to reject them. Whatever comes of its own accord by simply putting your efforts as a matter of duty and leaving the end result in the hands of god is the way to "liberation", the matter of duty covers- right action, away from bad company, prayers, sacrifices, charity, mantra and meditation and finally full devotion to the supreme infinite lord, in this process you are neither attached to the end result nor you hate to receive the end result. The mind in such a state loses its ego, loses the material desire, is free from bondage of desiring to act to get a result. The soul has nothing to do, the intellect clearly knows the difference between liberated and non liberated actions. And thus the physical body performs actions which don't lead to any karmic reactions. Once this is practiced steadily, the prarabhada karmas are reduced, the sanchita karmas are corrected and the question of any agami karmas anyway will not arise.

As per our Good and Bad deeds, different planets give different results as per the nature of the planet as under-

Sun - Satvik ruler, judge, high post, learned, a positive cool ruler.

Moon - satvik, sexy, Emotions, calm personality, lover, soft, cook, likes watery places.

Mars - Very fiery, tamsik, cruel, autocratic, evil minded, if positive- good leader, good commander

Mercury - Rajasic, materialistic, speed, quickness, talkative, princely, charming, manipulator, trader.

Jupiter - Satvik but dominating due to spiritual knowledge, religious practices, auspicious practices, heavy built, teacher, professor

Venus - Rajasik, materialistic brahmin, Poet, all beautiful things, sex pleasure, material comforts, music, fine arts, water sports, Satvik, romantic, happy go lucky type, enjoys life, cinema, eats less, slim personality, charming.

Saturn - Tamsic, low caste, physical labour, hard work, low caste jobs, plumber, driver, machinery, law & order, restrictions, workers, oil, struggle, miseries.

Rahu - Tamsic, cunning, mean minded, spy, backbiting, fake, illusionary, low character, travel to foreign lands, speed, very quick, researcher.

Ketu - Sudden obstacles, sudden halt, philosopher, miser, low type jobs, bankrupt, occult sciences, moksha, accidents, wounds,medicine dealer, hide & skin dealer, salvation, poison dealer, spiritual practices, sewerage etc.

To appease a planet give charity of things concerned to the planet, offer flowers, garments, metals, grains etc to the ruling deity of the concerned planet, chant mantras, visit temples, offer prayers, do meditation, help poor & elderly people. Offer prayers to different Demigods and Goddesses. The basic principle is do good, be good and remain free from all sorts of dualities and anxieties.